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Get Valentine’s Day Ready!

Valentine’s is coming, are you ready? We want you to look your best this Valentine’s day so come schedule an appointment with us here at Salon Dolcetto so we can help you look and feel your best. We offer a large selection of services to both men and women. Valentine’s Day is a pretty exciting day for many couples and lovers. It is pretty typical to have a fancy date and romantic evening on February 14th. The pressure can be high, especially if it is a newer relationship, and we are here to make you feel confident in how beautiful and sexy you are!

Highlight Your Evening

If you are looking to make a subtle change to spice things up just a bit, consult with our professional stylists about adding some highlights or lowlights. Such a simple change can make you feel like a new person and can give you the confidence to slip into that little red dress you have been saving for a special occasion.

New Cut or Color

Maybe you are looking for a bigger change. We are happy to help with an entirely new cut and/or color as well! Either because you are trying to impress your significant other with a sexy new look or you want to try something new for you! New cuts, styles, and colors don’t always have to be about impressing your other half, try doing something that makes you feel sexy and amazing just for yourself this Valentine’s Day.

Facial Waxing Services

Don’t forget to clean up any unwanted hair for your special night with your loved one! Nothing can shake your confidence like an unwanted mustache or those unibrow hairs. Our beauty technicians are here to help! Come in for a facial wax and we will take care of any unwanted hairs and get your eyebrows looking fabulous and your lips will be totally kissable! Your date is sure to not be able to take their eyes off you! Talk about a happy evening.

Men’s Services

We haven’t forgotten about our male clients! We are happy to help you with your style and cut as well! A man with the perfect haircut and sexy style is sure to score extra points on your incredibly romantic Valentine’s adventures. Need a color or some evening out of those gray hairs? Our stylists are always ready to get you looking studly and handsome. Come in for a consultation and appointment!

Salon Dolcetto is happy to help women and men to look and feel their best. Let us help you showcase your natural beauty and highlight your most stunning features. Consult with our stylists to find the perfect cut, color, style, and look for you!

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