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Hair Loss Treatments

Are you struggling with hair loss? It can be a sensitive topic and many people find it embarrassing that they have to have to deal with hair loss. The good news is that there are options for people struggling.

Some men, but not all, decide just to embrace the hair loss and shave their heads but most women aren’t quick to jump on that bandwagon. So what are some of the options that men and women can take to treat or remedy the hair loss they are experiencing? Starting with your salon is a great idea for those people who feel they want to investigate options to remedy what any hair loss they have experienced.

There are many products and types of treatments out there that fix, treat, or prevent hair loss in both males and females. During your consultation, it a good idea to talk to your stylist about non-surgical options first and then discuss surgical options such as hair transplants or scalp reductions if you are not seeing the results you desire.

Hair Transplants

These treatments are pretty pricey but can give you some pretty good results. The basic principle of the treatment is that strips of hair are removed from different parts of the head that have a lot of hair and then transplanted to the less hair-populated areas. This treatment can be done more than once in the following months or years to help increase the amount of hair in the balding areas. Although pretty effective in treating baldness, the price tag can be a big deterrent for a lot of people. Schedule an appointment with your stylist to talk about options at your local salon.

Scalp Reduction

Another surgical option for those experiencing baldness can be scalp reduction. This is basically the removal of non-hair bearing skin from the scalp which allows the hair-bearing skin to be stretched over the whole scalp. This reduces the look of baldness relatively effectively and can help people get a lot more of their self-confidence after the healing process has taken place.

If you are dealing with hair loss and it is affecting how you feel about yourself or making you change your habits to deal with the embarrassment you feel over it make sure to schedule an appointment to talk with your stylist! There are many options to try if you want to do something about the hair loss you are experiencing.

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