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Quick Styles And Cuts For A Busy Woman

Let’s face it, most of us women are busy people. From stay-at-home moms, career women, students, and sometimes a combination of them, it can be a little strenuous! Looking fabulous all the time isn’t that easy, especially when you have to be out the door early in the morning. Some days it is a lot more tempting to hit the snooze button than it is to have time to do your hair. Here are a few different cuts and styles that make for a quicker morning but will help you still look your best when you run out the door.


Bobs are a heaven sent, ultra quick styling cut that are nearly always in style. Short bobs, medium bobs, long bobs, you name it, there is a bob for you! A quick consult with your stylist can help you decide what length of bob may be best for you. Post-cut ask your stylist for a few simple tips on styling your new cut. This allows you to see how a professional would style it. Bobs are one of those styles that you can wash and dry with minimal styling and still look wonderful.

Long Hair With Fun Layers

Long hair gets a bad rap as being difficult to manage, and really long hair can be, but a good few inches past your shoulders actually gives you a lot of styling options. Simple curls with some layers is a classic, elegant look. Braid your hair back when you want it out of your face or pull it back into a quick ponytail when you are running out the door!

Easy Buns

Buns are always cute and can be very quick with just a little practice. Since buns are so versatile, you can pretty much choose any type-messy, neat, braided, or top-to finish off your look for the day. Try a few different types of buns and different ways of getting them to look good and it can save you a lot of time every morning when you are trying to figure out how to style your hair.


A good old ponytail might not seem the most exciting hairstyle that you could choose, but they are actually very personable and you can keep things interesting by adding a few different accents. You can add braids or hair accessories to make your ponytail a little more fun! Try using a fancy clip instead of a ponytail for a nice twist on a classic updo. You can curl the pony or straighten the ends for different looks as well.

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