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Best Haircuts And Styles For Round Faces

Who knew how important it could be to consider your facial features and facial shape when deciding on what haircut and style to go for next? Turns out, it can be quite the game changer. When you take your facial shape into account you can style and cut your hair to accentuate the best of your features and you can even help your face look thinner.

If you have a round face there are quite a few options for you to choose from depending on what type of style you are looking at. Long or short styles can look good on a round face and your stylist can help you find your perfect fit. Call and schedule a consultation and appointment today!

Asymmetrical cuts look fabulous on people with round faces, by adding elegant side-swiped bangs that are off-centered with a side-part, you can make your face look thinner. Some ladies find that this can be a blessing if they struggle to love and embrace their natural beauty...round face and all!

If you are a fan of a center part instead of the side part, try asking your stylist for long layers that come up towards your jaw line. Make sure to use products that leave your hair frizz-free and sleek to complete the look because when your hair is frizzy it can make your face look rounder and adds unnecessary weight and bulk around your face.

For cuts above the shoulder try something like a messy bob. Bobs are quite fashionable and can be a great for women that are looking for a quick-to-style cut for a busy lifestyle. One of the best parts is that having your bob slightly mussed is actually in-style so you don’t have to worry about it if there is a little curl or wave to your do!

Pixie cuts can be quite the commitment and can be pretty intimidating if you are used to having longer hair. The good news is that round faces look great with a well styled pixie. Pixies can be a simple hairstyle to manage, as long as you stay on top of the upkeep. You will need to schedule regular salon visits to keep it at a proper and flattering length.

Call in today or stop by to schedule an appointment to meet with a stylist. They are more than happy to help you decide on what type of cut and style will meet all your needs and accentuate the features you love about yourself.

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