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Salon Style Tips: Mistakes You Make When You Curl Your Hair

A full head of sexy, luscious curls is something many of us strive for! We want those salon-perfect waves and curls that look so sleek and natural, but why are we not seeing similar results at home? Keep reading to find out some of the most often made mistakes when curling your own hair at home!

Heat Protectant

This tip and trick is the most important one we can give out. You MUST use a heat protectant for your hair when you are using heat on your hair! This is a product that you should not skimp on. No going for the cheap, knock-off brands that aren’t formulated properly and can’t protect your hair like high quality salon products. If you are going to splurge on one thing, this is it. We promise it will pay for itself in how wonderful your hair looks and feels!

Styling Tools

It is important not only to have the right tools for styling your hair the way you want, but also that you know what you are doing. When you want to achieve beautiful curls make sure that you don’t use tension when blow drying before hand. This lessens the ability of your hair to hold curls. As for curling irons, using a smaller (about an inch or so) barrel is usually better than using a larger barrel, unless you only want large curls. A smaller one gives you more options when it comes to the curls.

Curling Techniques

Some common mistakes people make when they are at home is that they curl from the ends to the roots. This isn’t how salons use their irons, and neither should you if you want that perfect curl that looks like it came from the salon. Avoid tightly curling the ends of your hair as well, this makes your curls look less natural and increases how many split ends you will have.

After Curl Habits

Do not touch those fresh curls! When curls are still hot they are more likely to be lost if you are running your hands through them. The only time you should touch a warm curl is if you are pinning it up to help it hold better! Gravity does like to pull on our curls as well. If you struggle to get a perfect curl, gently pin the curl up until it cools and sets.

Hope you enjoyed a few professional tips on getting better curls! Remember to consult with your local stylist if you have any hair questions!

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