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Reasons To Consider Shorter Hair

We have all been envious at one time or another over the long beautiful hair that we see on models, perfectly styled and curled. We would do anything to get those long, beachy waves we see in the magazines. Or maybe you love the many hair-dos that become an option when your hair is down to the middle of your back, but let’s have a reality check and talk about the benefits of short hair as well.

One of the nicest things about having shorter hair is that it can cut your styling time in half. Less hair to style means less time to spend on it! Straightening takes a minute, blow drying is ultra fast, and you can style it in ways that make you feel like a grown woman that is successful and beautiful. If you still like putting your hair up, try a shoulder length bob instead of cutting it up to your chin. Personalize your look with bangs or choppy layers.

Many women that have extra long hair don’t have the time to style it with perfect curls or figure out how to tie their hair in a bow before work. Braids and ponytails everyday can make you feel boring and childish. By getting rid of some of your length you can lighten your load and have more manageable hair! Long hair often just gets in the way.

Having short hair is fun. You can rock bed head like no one else and you can snooze a little longer in the mornings! Short hair is always in style and many face shapes are flattered by a short style. Some people think that short hair means you don’t have options, but you still have a lot! You can straighten, curl, accessorize, or even rock some tiny little ponytails.

To name some more benefits, summer is approaching! This means hotter days to enjoy, but also means there will be some sweltering ones. With short hair you have you hair off your neck and this can help you feel a lot cooler than if you have long locks matting up sweat on the back of your neck.

If you are looking to change things up, try out a new look, and welcome in summer all at once, trying out a short haircut might be just the thing you need. Do some research or come in for a consultation today!

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