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Are You Washing Your Hair Too Much?

There has been a movement for not shampooing your hair in the last few years. If you are on this bandwagon, you might be onto something. The thing is, frequency of shampooing is not a blanket fix for everyone. How often you wash your hair is something that depends on a person’s preferences, hair thickness, and how oily your hair is naturally. Here are some guidelines from professional stylists and dermatologists in determining how often you should be washing your hair.

Let’s look at what shampoo does for your hair. The soap you use to wash your hair is an emulsifier and traps dirt and oil to remove it from your scalp and hair, making your hair less oily and feeling clean. The thing is, not all that oil is bad oil. The oil your scalp makes naturally is there for a reason. It helps keep your hair and skin moisturized and can protect it.

Some people do need to shampoo everyday to keep their locks and looks in top shape. People with fine hair, an extra oily scalp, or that exercise heavily will need to shower and shampoo everyday. Those with a more medium hair thickness and a normal amount of oiliness can skip a few days in between shampooing. Those with even thicker hair and less oil get to take a few more days off if they want! Remember, we are talking about shampooing, not showering when we say to take a few days off. Still shower and keep good hygiene, just wear a shower cap every other day in the shower to save your locks from unneeded washing that can dry out your hair!

When you are considering shampooing less often, it is extra important to invest in a top quality shampoo and conditioner to make sure your hair is getting the treatment it needs and deserves. Feel free to talk to your stylist to determine the best products for your hair. Your stylist can also recommend how often they think would be good for your hair to be shampooed. Some people can shampoo only once a week! After your consultation try skipping a few shampooings to see how your hair holds up. This can also help you reduce the amount of time you spend styling and using hot tools on your hair. This could help your hair be a little less dry and a little more healthy all around!

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