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Bombshell Summer Hair

Summer is the time to show it all off, which isn’t great news for those of us that didn’t start hitting the gym until last month, but the good news is that your hair can look fabulous without the sweaty dedication. Here are some of our best and favorite tips for keeping your hair healthy and luscious throughout the hot summer months.

Trim Up Those Ends

It is a great idea to get things trimmed up as summer approaches. The dry, split ends are holding back your gorgeous locks from looking their best. The hot sun does damage to your hair, drying it out and making it look less lustrous and lovely. For hair and ends that are already dry will experience exaggerated damage. Following about a six to eight week schedule for haircuts is a great idea to remove dry ends throughout the year, anyways. Call today to schedule your appointment with our high trained and skilled professionals!

Do No Harm

Your hair is exposed to intense rays throughout the day during the summer and doesn’t need any extra damage coming from styling and other hair care habits you have that are not exactly salon approved. Be extra careful to avoid stressing your hair out with extra heat. If you are going to straighten your hair, try allowing it to dry naturally to skip the blow dryer. If you are going to use heat on your hair make sure you purchase a high quality heat protectant, bonus points if it offers UV protection.

Be careful how you treat your hair when your hair is wet. Do not tear through your hair when it is wet with a brush or fine tooth comb. Wet hair tends to break and be more fragile than dry hair. The same goes for putting your hair up. Wet hair can break off more easily than dry hair when you put it in a ponytail or other style. Opt for loose up do’s that do not strain your strands.

Cover It Up

If you know you will be outside for a large portion of the day with the sun shining on your locks, bring something to cover up with. Bring a favorite hat or scarf to cover your head. By not exposing your hair to extended hours of sun, you can prevent a lot of damage that comes from UV rays. This means brighter, stronger, more luscious hair! Now that is a summer we can all celebrate.

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