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SOS: Scalp Care Basics

When it comes to our hair, we often treat the strands and think that is enough to keep it healthy. The fact of the matter couldn’t be more far from the truth. Your scalp is incredibly important when it comes to healthy and luscious hair. Despite how important it is, many ladies and men, neglect to take the proper steps to ensuring a healthy scalp. To give your scalp some basic love and attention, here are some great tips and ideas to incorporate into your beauty routines!

Expose To UV

Summer is quickly approaching and the weather is heating up. For many this means more time in the sun, tanning, participating in activities and lounging about. Too much sun is bad for your skin, we know this. Your scalp is no different. When you are out in the sun make sure to bring a hat, a scarf to cover your head, or something to keep the rays from burning and drying out your scalp, and your hair. Try using products that offer some protection from UV rays and sun exposure to help keep your scalp and hair protected and healthy.

Professional Services

If you are going to dye your hair, or treat it with chemicals, it is best to have it done by trained professionals that know what they are doing. By allowing these professionals to do their job, it may save you pain and keep your scalp and your strands healthier. When you attempt chemical treatments at home you increase your chances of chemically burning your scalp, not noticing an allergic reaction in time to prevent its spread, or irreversible damage to your locks.

Put Down The Shampoo Bottle

When you wash your hair too often it washes out important oils that your scalp produces to protect itself and moisturize itself and your hair. This can lead to a dry, itchy scalp and no one wants to deal with that. Try washing your hair every other day or going two days between washes for a while. Use a shower cap, or just let your hair get wet without washing in the shower. Make sure to use conditioner appropriately as it will help restore moisture lost from shampooing frequently.

Visit A Professional Stylist

If you are having scalp problems that you can’t seem to get under control, schedule an appointment with your trained stylist who will most likely be able to point you in a better direction for the best products to enhance your hair and scalp care.

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