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Ready For Vacation? Don’t Forget These Hair Essentials!

Going on vacation is a blast for sure, especially when you are enjoying the sun, laughing with loved ones, and creating lifelong memories. The only one suffering just might be your hair, if you weren’t sure what to bring and decided to see what the hotel had in stock. Hotels aren’t exactly going to have the highest quality shampoo and conditioner sets and most likely won’t be supplying your heat protectant either. Here are just a few of the things you don’t want to skimp on if you want your hair to look and feel its best for your vacation.

Bring Your Own Shampoo And Conditioner

This is a pretty important one, as the quality of your shampoo and conditioner play a large role in how soft, luscious and healthy your hair is. Instead of grabbing the cheap to-go items or using complementary low-quality ones, try squirting some of your salon quality shampoo and conditioner into travel sized bottles and bringing those.

Favorite Salon Quality Heat Protectant

It is never a good idea to apply heat to your unprotected hair. This goes for when you are vacation and when you are at home. Bring a travel sized version of yours or purchase a small squirt bottle or regular bottle to put some of yours in. Having a set of versatile travel bottles that fit in the required travel limits is a economical way to always make sure you have the products you are comfortable using.

Styling Gels, Creams, etc.

Don’t forget your favorite styling hair products to help you manage your mane while you are out adventuring. Consider a sea salt spray to help give you those beachy waves if you are going to be sunning yourself on the sandy beaches of whatever tropical paradise you will be visiting. Try looking for a product that has a UV shield or sunscreen in it for your hair. We all know you are going to be taking a hundred selfies and other pictures and you will want to look your best! Don’t leave important products behind, plan ahead and make room for your necessities!

Don’t make traveling something that your hair can’t stand. You don’t want to come home and have damaged, lifeless, dull looking hair that you have to get trimmed and coaxed back into shape. Instead plan for your vacation and get things squared away in advance so you know you have everything you need! Consider bringing a hair scarf to cover up from the hot sun. Your hair, and your selfies, will thank you!

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