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Daring Hair Trends To Try Right NOW!

One thing that can be said for this year is that when it comes to hair colors and styles, we are pulling out the stops. There are some very hot, sexy styles out there that are not for the faint of heart. While it can depend on where you are at in life and what kind of life you are living, considering changing your hair color and style can be a liberating experience for you. Try something completely different this year with one of the most popular 2017 trends below!

Pastel Rainbow Hair

Gorgeous doesn’t begin to explain our love of this exciting new trend. Waves of pastel color cascading down your curls really brings you into the spotlight. This hair color is meant for those that are proud of who they are and can take some extra attention with pride. Sweet, soft colors offer something that we want more of! Don’t forget! With some professional help and some time even brunettes can pull of this pastel hair color. Just remember it may take a few sessions to get everything just how you want it. Your stylist can help you decide on the best way to get your dreamy hair!

Hidden Rainbow Hair

Don’t ask us why rainbow hair is such a popular thing these days, just take a look at all the photos on instagram and we are sure you will understand. If you aren’t too sure about baring it all and coloring your entire head of hair, there is still something you can do to spice things up. Ask your stylist about a peek-a-boo rainbow look and how you can go about getting one. These are a work of art and offer just a hint of color when you hair is down or you can show it off with a well done updo!

These hairstyles are to dye for (see what we did there?). Even if you are not interested in changing up your own look, it is still worth the time to check out the incredible colors and hair styles other people have been going for. Just be warned, you are going to fall in love with at least one of them and you might just change your mind about dying your own! You are always welcome to schedule a consultation with one of our stylists to check out the best options for you and discuss the looks you would like to go for.

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