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Hot Summer Days: Tips And Styles For Gorgeous Tresses

There are some really hot days ahead for many people experiencing the summer weather in the next few months. Depending on where you live, this could mean extreme heat, humidity, or a combination of the two! Ever feel like there is no way your hair is going to look good because between the heat, humidity, and sweat is going to take over the moment you step outside? We understand and we are happy to offer some tried and true tips and styles to help you beat the heat, and look gorgeous doing it.

The first step to keeping beautiful tresses in the summer time is your care routine. Make sure to thoroughly condition your hair to help it lock in much needed moisture. The quality of your hair care products go a long way in how well your hair is going to fare during the hotter months. Make sure to invest in the best salon quality products that your hair needs. Ask a stylist to help you select the products that are made for your hair types and to solve any problems you are currently having.

For those with long hair it can be a big relief to put your hair up to keep it off your neck and feeling sweaty. A loose side braid is a great option for when you want to look put together and cute but also keep cool. A tied up bun, high or low, looks classy and achieves the same goal as the braid. With these simple everyday updos you won’t have to worry about your hair going curly and frizzy because of the humidity!

If you have shorter hair and can’t put it into a cascading braid or pull it back into a bun, don’t worry there are some cute things you can do as well! French braid back your shorter hair and secure it with pins and hair spray, or just pin it back with bobby pins. Keeping the hair off your face and neck does a lot to keep you feeling cooler than you would with your hair getting sweaty and sticking to your skin.

If you are going for something that lets your hair stay down, embrace the natural curls of your hair and accept that the humidity is going to make it curly, too! Try loosely braiding your hair in three sections and then letting it out after it is dry to get loose, fun curls.

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