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Beach Style

With the longer days and hot sun, who doesn’t want to spend some time at the beach? While laying on the beach relaxing in the shade of a large umbrella or splashes around in the waves sounds like quite the blast, it can seem challenging to keep your stylish look and your hair under control. With the damage that can come from the intense sun and the damaging rays that your hair soaks up during all that fun in the sun, your hair may not keep its shiny look and smooth texture for long. Unless you are taking proper care of it.

Making sure to hydrate, condition, and pamper your locks is a must when you are spending time outside this summer. Make sure to apply products that are high quality protectants to reduce the amount of damage your strands take while you are enjoying your long days.

While prep and care is among the first tips to getting gorgeous hair this summer, we know that having the right hairstyle for your day at the beach can feel just as important. That is why we put together some of our favorite suggestions for your day of fun in the sun.

Chic Bun

Call us crazy, but a chic bun is never going to be out of style. The details of the most stylish bun may change over time but the root of the style is just too perfect to ever go out of style. Plus, buns have the added benefit of keep your hair off your neck to help you feel cooler while out in the heat.

Sweet Beach Waves

If you are more a fan of having your hair down and free, it's a great idea to let those natural waves take over and wear them with pride. Sea salt sprays can help you achieve those adorable yet sexy beachy waves. You know what we are talking about! Additionally, if you pull your hair up into a loose, low bun while it is damp and allow it to dry, you can achieve soft waves, as well!


Adorable and functional, deciding to rock some sweet braids to the beach helps keep your hair from being a complete tangly mess when you get home. A great option if you are one that likes to splash around in the waves, a tight french braid or two will help you keep your hair in place and a little more manageable!

What are your favorite ways to wear your hair at the beach? Any products that you love to keep your hair feeling soft and looking gorgeous after a long day of damaging sun rays and salt?

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