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Things Stylists Would Like You To Know (Pt. 1)

The thing about stylists is that they are incredibly trained and educated on their practice, it is their livelihood after all, but they aren’t magical beings. Recognizing that coloring and other chemical processes are science, not magic, will help everyone be happier with the results. Here are a few good things to know when you go in for your styling sessions, get your regular cuts or trims, or ask for a chemical treatment.

1. Everyone’s hair is different.

When you come in with a picture of what you want your hair to look like, or want your insanely curly hair to be less curly, stylists can do what they can do. With promising and scientific products, as well as highly trained hands, stylists can usually work your hair into what you were hoping, but the thing is, there are limits. Different hair types respond slightly differently to the processes that they go through. Stylists will work with you to achieve the results you want, but sometimes it isn’t as quick as you want. Patience is a huge benefit when it comes to having your hair changed by a stylist.

2. There is a reason salon products are better than the general store products.

That reason would be science. The high quality of salon products is brought about by highly paid chemists that work to find the best concoctions for different hair types that are facing different problems. The truth of the matter is that the lower priced versions of them you find at your local market are not going to give you the same results. This is fine, but being distressed that you can’t seem to get your hair to look like your stylist can, really comes down to the fact that your stylist is using products that are extensively researched and formulated by professionals.

Yes, the salon products are typically a bit more than your general store varieties, but that is because the brands are paying intensely knowledgeable scientists to develop the product using the finest ingredients. In order to get that quality, the brands have to be able to pay the scientists. Some of that cost is passed on to the consumer to make the products themselves possible. So next time you are considering skimping on the better quality products, remember, it is your hair that is paying the difference.

Understanding some of the things that stylists are asked about every day will make a better experience for you and your stylist! Check out more things that your stylist would like you to know next week!

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