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Things Stylists Would Like You To Know (Pt. 2)

Last week we touched on a few things that stylists would like you to know, so they can better help you get the look that you want. Changing hair through dyes, cuts, styles, and other processes can be tough work and the more everyone understands, the happier everyone will be! For this reason, here are just a few more things that stylists want you to know!

1. Color doesn’t remove color.

This is a big one. Many clients come in wanting a lighter color and just expect their stylist to apply a lighter hair dye and hello gorgeous. The reality is that coloring and lightening hair are two opposite processes. Coloring hair is going from a lighter hair color to a darker one by depositing color molecules into the hair shaft. If you are wanting a lighter hair color, your stylist has to take out the color and get your hair to a lighter color than you want to start. After reaching a more blonde color, she can apply the lighter color that you are looking for. This process takes time! Don’t go in if you don’t have time for the processes. Someone that is rushed through a process that just takes a lot of time, is not a happy person and your stylist can’t do anything about the time the processes take.

2. Stylists want you to be happy with your hair.

This seems to be a revolutionary thought for a lot of people. Your stylist is there to help you achieve the results you want and get your hair healthy and strong. They have knowledge and are trained in what products are best and recognizing what your hair needs. They do their best to get your style, color, and cut just like you want it, but they don’t know you are unhappy with it if you don’t say something. Your stylist wants you to be happy with what they do. People that are unhappy with services are not exactly good for business. If you notice something you don’t like, speak up and your stylist will be happy to fix it for you.

3. Salon products and services are higher quality than those you try at home, and thus will achieve better results.

Most people say they are tired of their stylist telling them that the at-home box color isn’t good for their hair or they should get a higher quality shampoo and conditioner. The thing is, there is a reason why they tell you this. Salon products are just better. They are formulated make your hair stronger, healthier, and address certain problems you may be having with your hair.

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