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Curling Your Hair Without Heat

Curls and waves are a fashionable way to do one’s hair for everyday style and can also be a favorite for special occasions. If you have been curling your hair with curling irons or straighteners, you know that it can take some time, especially if you have longer hair. It also is a hot endeavor. Sometimes you feel sweaty by the end of it because of having the hot tool so close to you for so long.

The thing is, most of us know that consistently using heat on our hair is a sure way to do some serious damage to the strands and overall look of our hair. Heat can make your hair feel dry and frizzy and makes it look less shiny and lustrous. Despite so many people knowing the damage heat can do to their hair, they continue doing so without even using heat protectant. If you are one of these people, check out these nifty alternatives to using heat for curls or waves in your hair. Many of these require planning for the next day and putting your hair up before bed.

Braid Your Hair The Night Before

This is one of the more popular ways that people get the desired curls they are after without using heat. You can braid your hair in thick sections or small sections depending on how tight you want the waves. You can also gently pull the braids apart some to get larger waves. You will want to braid your hair when it is damp the night before and then gently finger-comb through the braids to shake out the waves the next morning when your hair is dry. You can also use a bit of hairspray to set the curls for a long day if you so desire.

Use A Bun

Sock buns or twisted buns are a great way to get fun and loose curls for the following day. You can use a sock to make larger curls by placing it over your ponytail and then wrapping your hair around it and then securing it with a pin. Alternatively, wrap your ponytail around itself to create a bun and secure with a pin. Again, you will want to do this with damp hair the night before or at least six hours or so before you want the curls. After your hair has dried you can remove the pins and shake out your hair. Use your fingers to comb through it. Don’t brush it as this can mess up the curls and also make your hair frizzy. Hairspray will help set the curls if you are worried about them going flat.

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