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Bad Habits That Are Keeping Your Hair Unhealthy (Pt. 2)

Last week was the beginning of a two part blog post about things that are keeping your hair unhealthy and not allowing it to reach its full potential. The things mentioned included how skipping meals can cause a lack of nutrients that help build strong and healthy hair, how consistently tying up your hair can be damaging to strands, and how brushing your hair incorrectly will cause breakage. To continue on with the list of things that are bad for your hair, so you can stop doing them, keep reading!

Bleaching And Over-treating

Yes, it is fun to change up your hair every once in a while. Brunettes want a lighter color, blondes want a darker one. Someone wants curls and someone wants straight tresses. The thing about many of these processes is that you are exposing your hair to chemicals...a lot of them. The amount, type, and frequency of these types of treatments play a huge roll in how brittle, dry, and unhealthy your hair is. Choose to only use top quality products and avoid at-home chemical treatments as they can be more damaging to your hair than you think.

Products…Too many, Too Few

Not using the appropriate products for your hair can be pretty hard on your hair. Choose to use salon quality products that help nourish and protect your hair instead of what is the lowest price. Your hair will thank you. Now, some people like their products and like a lot of them. The thing is, loading up your hair with multiple products every day isn’t very healthy and can dry out your hair. On the other hand, not using any products to protect your hair from heat styling can also be damaging. Talk to your stylist about finding the right products for your hair and stick with using only a few that do their job well.

Scalp Problems

Ignoring scalp problems can be tempting to do because for the most part, they are hidden and you can avoid putting them on the top of your to-do list. This is particularly a problem if you are itching at your scalp because it is dry or even just out of habit. Itching and scratching at your scalp can cause calluses and sores on your head that prevent the proper growth of hair. This can severe enough in areas that you notice your hair thinning, so instead of ignoring it, treat the problem right away!

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