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Losing Your Mind About Losing Your Hair?

Are you worried about how much hair you seem to be losing? Does brushing your hair seem to pull out strands and strands of your hair that you would rather have stay attached to your head? If you bathroom is covered with hair from trying to do your hair, or your drain gets clogged often with wads of hair that are being washed down your drain, you may want to check out some of these common reasons, which are all healthy issues, that you may be losing your hair.


Many women and some men as well, suffer from anemia which a deficiency in the levels of iron in their blood. This can lead to hair loss and other problems such as low energy levels or headaches. This has a simple and easy fix. Women that have anemia or lower levels of iron can restore your body’s proper balance. Make sure to keep your health a priority and take care of any issues before they become problems.

Stress And Anxiety

Believe it or not, emotional well-being can cause hair loss. If you are highly stressed by things that are going on in your life, such as financial stressors and problem or the death of a loved one, you might experience temporary hair loss. When things begin settling down and you are less stressed, things should return to normal and your hair will begin growing again. Try to manage your stress and anxiety in healthy ways to keep yourself healthy and your hair growing well.

Missing Nutrients

When you are not eating a full and well-rounded diet, you are likely missing out on nutrients that are important for your body to function and nutrients that help keep your hair, skin, and nails healthy. Those with eating disorders are very prone to this type of hair loss. It is important to do your best to eat a healthy diet and take supplements for anything you are not getting enough of. If you have an eating disorder, know that people care about you and want to help.


An underactive thyroid is a medical problem that should be addressed by a doctor. Hypothyroidism can cause a host of problems in the body, the least of which is hair loss. If you are having trouble it is important to talk to your doctor and talk about what can be done to help manage the problem.

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