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Are You Treating Your Hair Too Right?

We are surrounded and bombarded with messages of how our hair should look, what is in style, the latest trends for longer and stronger tresses, and it can get a bit ridiculous. Even people that are doing their best to condition and treat their hair right are at risk for inadvertently damaging their hair. There is such a thing as overdoing it in the hair world. You might think this is something obvious, and it is, when it comes to things like dying, chemically straightening, using heat and all the other things we put our hair through. What we are talking about here are the things that are supposed to, and do, help keep your hair healthy, if they are used correctly.

When you use products and services that are meant to help restore, repair, and help your hair too often, or incorrectly, you can end up doing quite a bit of damage. One of the most common things is leaving products on longer than the directions state so it will ‘really work’ or you will have ‘better results’. The reality is actually the opposite.

This is particularly true of deep conditioning creams and masks and other leave in and wash out type of products. The products come with directions for a reason, and it is in your best interest, and your hair’s best interest to follow them.

Another thing that is not helping your hair is using knockoff brands that don’t have the scientific backing and quality ingredients that actually help your hair. Using cheap products will not have the impact you are hoping for.

Those of you that load up on the products every day are also doing a disservice to your strands. There are some great products that do many helpful and useful things, but loading up your strands with a lot of different products can have bad reactions and overload the hair cuticle and hair strand itself.

Trimming your hair too often, or not often enough are also both ways that people try to protect and take care of their hair to the point of not keeping it healthy. Those that are concerned about length retention don’t want to go in for a trim very often at all and those that are worried about split ends are scheduling trims every month. Both aren’t great. While individual hair types and styles have different needs, a good average is going in for a trim every few months.

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