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Your Quick Guide To The Ombre Hair World

Hair styles and colors are one of those things that keep changing as the seasons come and go. What was in style last year may not be so popular this year. That color may have flooded instagram in the past few months but it might not be the current craze. There are few haircuts or styles that have what it takes to be a lasting and impressive look in a quick-to-change atmosphere so when we get those sweet looks, we hold on tight.

Ombre hair may not be the current must-have look but it is a classy and stylish look that isn’t going to be kicked to the curb either. A great thing to appreciate about ombre hair is that you can always put your own twist on it. While a natural hair color choice is great if you are looking to change things up without throwing in some pastels, you can always use colors to ombre your hair as well.

Ombre is simple in its concept. Hair starts at the roots as darker hair and as it goes down to the ends of the hair is lightens. This is typically done by using bleach on the ends of hair to lighten it up enough to use a lighter dye on your ends. A good rule for when you are looking for something natural and gorgeous is to only go a few shades lighter than your natural hair color for the ends.

If you try to use too light of a color on the tips of your hair your ombre will look obviously dyed and the demarcation will not look good. The demarcation is where your hair turns from dark to light and having a very obvious line is not what ombre hair is about. If you enjoy the look of ombre hair but aren’t feeling like you want that drastic of a hair color change, you can always go for a sombre look which is just a less intense version of ombre.

One of the best things about deciding you want to try out something new for your hair is that you get to work with you friendly and happy stylist to get just the perfect look. If you have an idea you want to try you can always ask for a consultation in order to get some professional advice and opinions. Our trained and knowledgeable staff are happy to answer questions you have and steer you in the most stylish direction according to current trends and what will flatter you personally the most!

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