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Important Hair Coloring Tips To Remember

Coloring your hair is an exciting thing. Whether you are trying out something a few shades darker or opting for something in the realms of blonde or platinum, there are some very important things to do and not do, in order to prevent some pretty serious damage and potentially a lot of tears.

At Home Dye Jobs Are Cheaper And Less Time Intensive For A Reason

Yes, we are aware that you can get a hair dye box at the all-purpose store down the road for ten dollars, but in this case, you really are only going to get what you are paying for. Box dyes are just not as high of quality as salon dye. Plus, when you choose to use a box dye at home you are missing out on the training stylists have in applying the product correctly, professionally and thoroughly. At home dye jobs often miss a piece or two that make your hair look streaky.

You Don’t Know What You Want

You made the right decision on coming in to the salon in order to get the best quality product applied with skill...but you have no idea what color you want your hair to be at the end of it. It is a waste of your time and your stylists to have you trying to decide what hair color you want in the chair. Do your best to have at least a pretty good idea what you want before going in. Stylists are happy to help you settle on the perfect one, but they can’t read your mind or see what you picture as the final color.

Be Honest With Your Stylist About Past Hair History

This one can be a bit embarrassing for those of us that are fully aware of all the negative reasons we should stay away from boxed dye or at home bleach jobs and still have done some. Despite the fact that salon stylists will likely remind you of that, you still need to be honest with them about what your hair has been through. This is important information to help the stylist know what products are right for your hair and the best way to get to the color you want.

If You Don’t Like It, Say So

There are too many people that leave the salon not very happy with the results of their visit, simply because it wasn’t exactly what they pictured but told the stylist it was good. The stylist can’t read your mind, as mentioned before. If you aren’t happy with how the coloring is going, say it and work with your stylist to get to the results you want.

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