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Styles For The Rainy, Cold Days Approaching

The weather outside is starting to change to the cool and crisp days of fall. This means for many of us that there is going to be some windy and rainy days that don’t make for the best hair days. In order to combat these elements we put together some of our favorite hairdos and hair tips for these somewhat dreary days to go with our pumpkin spice...well, everything.

Take Care Of Your Hair!

This is the absolute most important part of having good hair days against all odds. This means you have to make time to visit your stylist. Every few months get into the salon and at least get a trim to get rid of the split ends and lighten up your hair. Try out some of the excellent services designed to help you have the best hair ever including deep conditioning treatments and smoothing keratin options!

Keep It Classic With A Ponytail Or Bun

Yep, these cute and simple hairdos are a favorite for the days of fall where you just want to wear sweaters and scarves to fight the brisk air each morning. These styles are also great for the days the wind is blowing or there is a slight drizzle of rain outside. They are easy to adjust, look great even if they get a bit messy, and it is no big deal to pull up your hood for a bit!

Try A Short Hair Cut

If you are tired of the maintenance of long hair and want to cut styling time in half each morning, consider a short cut. Some ladies look fabulous in pixie cuts or short a-line cuts. These can also be excellent fall hair choices as they are quick to style, easy to re-style on the fly and aren’t going to be getting in your eyes or lip gloss when the wind blows!

Moisturize Often And Well

There is something about that crisp fall breeze that really sucks the moisture out of your skin and your hair. If you want to avoid frizzy and unmanageable hair this fall you are going to want to up your moisture game. Check out professional products meant to help moisturize your hair and your scalp! You can find some of our favorites on our site!

Do you have favorite fall styles? Let us know your go-to hair styles and your favorite salon services to utilize in this season!

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