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Trendy Hair Colors For Autumn

Seasons come and seasons go, the weather is changing and leaves are turning colors. Are you looking for a way to change things up this fall, too? Do you want to make a statement but also want to stick to some of the more trendy hair colors? We are excited to announce that there are some truly beautiful hair colors that are in style for this season. Not only are these hair colors stunning and gorgeous, they are also easy for nearly anyone to pull off. Check out the beautiful colors that are trending for autumn in the following list!


Leaves aren’t the only thing that are exciting and beautiful when they turn red. Dark reds are a stunning choice for those that are daring enough to pull them off. Burgundy colored hair makes a splendid statement and for those with the right skin tone, it can help up their total babe factor. If you need any more convincing, check out the current celebrities that have brought this beautiful color out to play including Lily Collins.


While brown hair is often referred to as the ‘safe’ hair color, there are so many individual colors that can be used in this spectrum we should really be appreciating how versatile this base color is! Nearly anyone can look good with brown hair and everyone can spice it up by using high lights, or jewel undertones to bring those strands to life! Try an indulgent caramel brown or a dark brown with deep red undertones that shine in the sun.


Pinks are definitely one of the in hair colors this fall. If you are looking for a stunning change that will get an impressive amount of compliments, check out pastel pink or bubblegum pink to really mix things up. Prominent celebrities are rocking this adorable and sexy color, so what are you waiting for? Come in or call today to make an appointment with our highly trained stylists.

Deep Purple

What a regal and exotic color choice! Nearly black, dark purple, is a bold and sexy color choice for anyone wanting to really make a clean break from anything that happened this summer. Change your hair, change your life, and if you are going to change it, you may as well make it fabulous!

What do you think about these color choices for autumn? Are you willing to try any of them or do you having something else in mind? Let us help you with whatever color or style you are after! We can’t wait to see you!

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