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Wedding Hairstyles For 2017

It may be a bit late in the year, but there are still lots of weddings that are going on or being planned. No matter what your role in the wedding may be-bride, bridesmaid, maid of honor, mother of the groom, or someone else-you want to look dashing with a killer hair style to boot. Take a look at our collection of hairstyle ideas for all members of the party and guests as well!

Braids and bows.

This trusty classic is sure to wow just as much as you want it to. With just a bit of personality, you can put a new and personal touch on your braided do without spending hours in the bathroom beforehand. Create a low bun of braids or add texture to your French braid by using bobby pins or hair spray. Once you are done, consider adding a gorgeous and simple black ribbon bow to make a soft statement and to look incredibly sophisticated.

Choose a statement hairpiece to wear.

This is a great idea for anyone that doesn’t like to fuss too much with their hair and would rather keep it simple. Flowers, beads, lace, and bands are great options for this look, the more interesting and lovely, the better. You can choose something that resembles something of a headpiece, a large clip or bow, or more! The best part is, your style won’t look simple or under-done, instead it is sure to be admired and complimented from the time you arrive until the time you leave. Just be careful not to upstage the bride! If you are the bride, well then, shine all you want. This style is a great pairing for a simple dress that doesn’t draw all the attention.

Add some twists to stand out in a subtle way.

Softer looking twists and buns are definitely worth considering as you plan your look for the upcoming wedding you are attending. These are great for anyone that likes having your hair up, or half up, but don’t like the slicked back and perfect look. Try using soft twists to pull your hair up or try tucking your loose braid up an under itself for an interesting and lovely do. These types of style look gorgeous but borderline the look of mussed and tussled. A sexy choice for anyone on the guest list or a single bridesmaid!

If you are interested in having your hair styled for an event, call and talk to one of our kind and professional stylists to schedule an appointment!

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