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What To Do With Damaged Hair

Nearly everyone has done something to damage their hair at some point. Those that use lots of products, like to dye their hair, use heat to style, and so on, are at more of a risk for damaged strands than those who tend to stay away from the more intense forms of hair torture. So what can you do about your damaged hair? If you are on time for a haircut, you might just decide to cut it off, but can you do anything for damaged hair that you don’t want to cut off? The good news is that there are lots of things you can try to restore your hair, but always remember the best form of treatment is prevention.

Split ends are a pretty common type of damage that people see in their hair. The little splits at the ends of your hair can be tempting to pick at and pull off, but there are better ways to deal with them. For one, it is hugely beneficial in the prevention of split ends to regularly go in for trims to keep your hair fresh and healthy. If you still notice that you have split ends despite keeping your regular appointments, you can try using high quality hair masks that are specifically designed to treat split ends. While this likely won’t fix all your split ends, it will help keep your hair in better condition until you have time for a trim.

If you are a hair dye junkie or you often use other chemical processes on your hair, you may notice that your strands are losing a bit of their shine or volume. To help treat over-processed hair, consider purchasing a deep conditioner that is meant to help restore your hair. Even better, come in for a deep conditioning treatment where you know you will be getting the proper treatment with high quality products and trained staff!

For all you ladies (and men) that blow dry your hair on the daily before putting those straighteners and curling irons to your hair, you know how much damage you are doing. Your hair likely is drying out and might be full of static, but there is still hope! Those that use heat to style regularly are going to want to look for hydrating masks to replenish some of the moisture the heat is taking away. You also want to spend the necessary money to purchase a good quality heat protectant to avoid as much of the damage as possible.

Talk to your friendly Salon Dolcetto stylist about any of these products and treatments to get valuable advice on product selection!

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