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Tis’ The Season For Static Hair

Yep! The holidays are here and with them and the cold weather they bring, the static hair that many ladies dread. Especially those with thin, brittle, or already dry hair. How are you supposed to take those cute holiday pictures and selfies if your hair is flying away and sticking up all over the place? So what are you to do when you seem to be battling static hair all through the season? Here are some quick tips to get you out of an emergency!

The dryer sheet tricks.

It sounds really weird but there are lots of reports of this one being pretty solid. All you have to do is gently rub a new dryer sheet over your hair a few times and it should help take the static out. If you feel weird about this option, you can also rub a dryer sheet all over your pillowcase before you go to sleep at night.

Tie the hair back.

On those days that your hair is just a mess of static electricity, it might be better to just pin back the crazy bits or even just pull your hair up into a braid to keep the strands in check. You might have heard the phrase, “Pick your battles.” It goes the same way in the hair world. Some days it is just better to accept that you are going to throw your hair up in a bun, braid, or ponytail holder to keep it tamed.

When you are in a tight spot, go simple and just add some water!

For real, it is simple, but effective when you are in a tight spot. If you see your reflection in a door or window and your hair looks like it is flying away off your head, take a moment to stop in the bathroom to tame it down a bit. Get a bit of water on your hands and pat things down and back into place.

Hair Refreshers

Take some time to track down a product that is formulated to help you cut through static. You might find a spray with a bit of moroccan oil or another moisturizing ingredient. If you are worried about putting product on your hair because it makes it really greasy, don’t worry! Try taking a bit of the product or even a light moisturizer and put it just on the ends. This should help take away a lot of the static.

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