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Ugly Sweater Party Hairstyles

One of the most fun and silly traditions that happens each and every holiday season are the ugly sweater parties. How fun is it to compete with your friends and family to find the most ridiculous holiday sweater to wear to your ugly sweater party? Silly jingle bells, trees, tinsel, and other decorations adorn the clothing worn to these parties, but what do you do with your hair? If you really want to win those ugly sweater competitions, having the complete look will really give you an edge. Here are some great ideas and tips to bring home the trophy with these killer dos.

Tinsel, glitter, and sparkle.

You won’t have a complete look without a bit of sparkle and some magical shine! If you are going for a simple silly look, tie tinsel around your bun or ponytail to give your hairstyle a bit of extra fun! You can also braid tinsel through your braids for a fun but contained look. If you can, try to find some sparkly hair spray to set your hair with festive glitter no matter what style you decide to go with! You will be raining sparkles and cheer all night long.

Cute, festive, and colorful pins and clips can be another great way to add in some shine and draw some attention to your cute hairstyle, if you aren’t too excited to try the tinsel angle.

Sculpt with pipe cleaners.

Yep, think Whoville on this one. If you want to really set the standard, try using pipe cleaners in the middle of your hair to sculpt your hair how you want it. You can also use regular wire for this as well, just be careful to round off any ends to make sure you don’t hurt your scalp unnecessarily. Use good quality hair spray to set the look and keep the strands in place. A really tall pony, ponytails that stick straight out, crazy curls, and more! Your imagination (and maybe the length of your hair) is the limit!

Bows and festive pieces!

Find some really creative bows or festive hair pieces that go with your outfit for a complete look that takes no time! This is a bonus for those of us that struggle to do normal hairstyles, let alone taking it up a notch. You can do a standard bun or braid and adorn it with ribbons, bows, and other festive hair pieces. You can find these at many stores during the holiday season for a range of prices!

Most importantly, have lots of fun at your parties and remember to enjoy the good company, the good food, and what you have this holiday season!

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