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Things To Note Before You Color Your Hair

Making a change with your hair can feel like a big decision, be intimidating, or be very exciting. Maybe you are feeling all three. All are pretty common, especially if it is the first time you have colored your hair! We put together a few tips and suggestions to help you make your decision a bit more confidently and guide you on your way to a fabulous new look.

First things first, as I am sure you have heard, book an appointment with your salon to color your hair, do not try a at home dye job. For one, your salon is going to do a much better job than what you would get out of a box. This is especially important if you have not colored your hair previously and are not entirely sure what you are doing or what you want, you want to end up liking the results. Second, box dyes can be extra harsh on your hair. Cheap box dyes are made the way they are sold, cheaply. Thirdly, you do not have the consultation and professional guidance from a box that you get when you visit the salon.

Once you have booked an appointment at your salon and have an expert stylist to help you with your hair, make sure to take advantage of their knowledge and training. If you are not sure what shade exactly you want, or you need some general advice about how different colors may fade, and how often you may need to get your roots touched up, ask questions! It is a really good idea to make it to your appointment about 15 minutes early so you can consult with your stylist before getting started.

When choosing your color, if you are looking to go extra dark, or even just several shades darker, you have to think about your eyebrows. You will not have the perfect look if your brows are light and your hair is black. If you want to have your brows dyed to match your new hair, thats one option. Another option is learning to fill in your brows with a darker color.

It is ok to take some time looking at the dye swatches to settle on the one you really want. Just make sure you are coming to your appointment with a general idea of what you want to end up with. It is a great idea to bring in pictures of what you are thinking about so your stylist can see what you are thinking and doesn’t have to guess what you are picturing!

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