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Quick Guide To Getting Your Best Hair

Are you tired of having hair troubles? Tired of the dry and damaged hair that looks frizzy and unmanageable? What about the split ends and thinness? Or maybe you just want to make some changes to have healthier and happier hair this year? The good news is that we can help you here at Salon Dolcetto with your hair woes to make sure you have your best hair this year. To get you started on your journey to healthy, gorgeous hair, we put together a few of our best tips and tricks below!

Get Familiar With Your Salon

No, really. You shouldn’t be visiting your salon only once a year people. Regular trims, cuts, and salon processes can really increase the shine, strength, and overall health of your hair. Try to get in for at least a trim every four to six months. Taking care of the split ends and refreshing your hair will really improve the condition your hair is in, plus it will actually help you grow longer hair because all those split ends aren’t coming off and shortening your hair.

Plus, salons are not just for haircuts or trims. Take the time to get to know what other procedures and treatments your salon offers! A salon quality deep conditioning treatment will revitalize your hair and restore lost shine and strength. Talk to your stylist about recommendations they have for your hair and make sure to ask all the questions you want to.

Watch Your Products

Stop buying low-quality products with harmful ingredients in them. If you only do one thing off this list for yourself, do this one. Salon quality brands and products are more expensive for a very good reason, they have been researched and carefully crafted to care for your hair and scalp in a way that bottom shelf products will never be able to do. Find a high quality shampoo and conditioner that address your concerns for your hair and never look back. Same goes for styling gels, hairsprays, and heat protectants.

Try To Wash Less

There is some pretty compelling research on the reasons to stop washing your hair as often. Try for every other day instead of every day. Plus, this will save on how much shampoo and conditioner you use, making it even more profitable to purchase high quality products! Washing your hair everyday strips your scalp and hair of the natural oils that help protect your scalp and keep your hair from drying out. Let your body do its thing and shampoo less. It may be hard at first because your scalp is likely working overtime on the oil production, but it likely will even out after a few weeks.

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