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Tips For Tangle-Free Hair

Are you tired of fighting your hair and the tangled mess it is? Does brushing or combing out your hair take ages? Maybe you notice all the lost strands each time you run a brush through your locks? What about how painful the whole event is? Those little knots and tangles have taken up way too much of your time and tested your pain tolerance enough! We put together some of the best ways to keep your hair tangle-free and to make brushing or combing your hair a better and pain-free experience!

Put Your Hair Up

When you are going out on a windy day, or doing something that is likely to get your hair in a tangled mess, be sure to bring a hair band to put it up. A quick and simply bun or pony tail can be a great way to protect your hair on windy days. If you want, try a French braid or a side braid, as well!

Brush Before You Wash

When you shampoo your hair, it is more likely to get tangles and be a mess because you are washing out the natural oils that keep it smooth. For this reason, it is a great idea to brush out your hair before you get into the shower to get ahead of the game. If you have tangles you are brushing out, be sure to brush from below the tangles or knots and not above. Brushing from the top down will tear and break your hair.

Utilize High Quality Conditioner

Conditioner is a must when it comes to overcoming tangled and knotted hair. Be sure to find salon quality conditioner that restores your hair’s moisture and smooths out each and every strand. If possible, it can be helpful to run a wide tooth comb through your hair while you are in the shower and conditioning your hair. This will make it easier to keep it tangle-free, and easy to comb out later.

Be sure to check out the options for a salon deep conditioning treatment, as these can be hugely beneficial for your hair and scalp! They can be just what you need if you find that you have dry hair or that you are constantly trying to get the knots out of your hair. Talk to your stylist about your options today!

Use Detangling Spray And Detangling Brushes

If you are still having trouble brushing out your hair, or you find that there are a lot of knots in it when you try to comb it out, try using a detangling spray or a serum to help get through the tangles. There are also many brushes on the market that are specifically made to help get through tangles, check out the reviews and find on that works for you!

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