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Fun Styles For Spring

Spring is going to be here before we know it. The seasons are going to tempt us with some beautiful days and soon there will be blossoms on trees, flowers will be springing out of the soil, and the sun will feel warmer and seem brighter. To celebrate the change and the warmer weather that is coming, we wanted to help get you ready with the hottest and most fun hair colors and hairstyles for this spring. Check out some of our favorite looks below!

Curls - Not Like You Know Them

Having curly hair has been one of those timeless and lovely looks that in some shape or form always stick around. This spring you can enjoy your curls in a no fuss, worn look that makes us all jealous. Brush your curls out just a bit this spring so they are a bit fluffy, a bit frizzy, and a whole lot of lovely. Keeping it low key will also save you time when you are trying to get ready, this style is definitely on our favorites list for up and coming style.

Accessorize In Style

There is something priceless and gorgeous about gold. Stylists have taken that to heart as we look forward to some simple and lovely hair dos. On mornings that are rushed you can rest easy knowing that adding a simple gold clip or barrette will add class and perfection to your style.

The Classic Low Pony

A versatile classic, a low pony is a wonderful go to for nearly any occasion. You can dress it up or dress it down depending on your engagements. Try a metallic band or a classy ribbon to make your ponytail just a little bit extra. Or, keep in old school and use a basic ponytail holder in order to keep your hair out of your face while out and about.

Take it one step further and bring back the scrunchie because they are hitting the runways once again!

Simple Wavy Bobs

Bobs are ever-adapting hairstyles. We have seen them come and go, be long and short, and everything in between. The style for this season is a simple bob utilizing some messy and lovely waves that make us dream of breezy warm beaches. Finish it off with some lovely bangs to really up the wow factor.

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