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Old School Hair Trends That Have A Place In Modern Society

Do you ever just watch some old movies or see old pictures of Hollywood and basically drool over their incredible hairdos and hairstyles? The perfectly sculpted buns, curls, and waves, can really inspire some affection and envy from the modern ladies of today. We went through our favorites and brought them to you! Check out these simple old school styles that you can do yourself!

Classic Beehive

This iconic and elegant style is stunning and quite simple to do! Simple in that it only requires a ponytail, a few pins, and a lot of hairspray! Essentially, how you create this look is by teasing your hair into a voluminous pile on top of your head and then secure it with a ponytail holder or some pins. Hairspray helps keep everything in line and stay voluminous throughout the day. You can do a fully up beehive or a half down beehive depending on how ‘done’ you want your hair to look.

Chignon Bun

A splendid do for a sophisticated night out, or a simple classy look for your day to day activities. A suave name for a suave hair style. There are a host of different types of chignon buns you can try out if you are interested. From side to low to high and volumized. You can find some really helpful guides to doing them at home or you can schedule a hair appointment with your stylist and get things done professionally!

French Twist

A great hairdo for those with medium to long hair, a french twist is certainly going to give you an elegant and well-to-do vibe. Show off your glamorous side by piling your hair up into this sexy and retro twist! Work in some volume by teasing your roots before hand!

What are your favorite old school hairstyles? Do you wear any of the ones we talked about above? Show off your elegance, sophistication, and love of the high style in ages past by incorporating these dos into your regular hair style schedule!

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