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Prom, Beautifully Braided 2018

Prom hairstyle ideas for 2018

Braids are perfect for Prom Hairstyles and it's no wonder given how elaborate these up styles are. Braid styles are chic, fun and trending.

There are many different braid methods like the classic three strand, french, dutch and herringbone. For more elaborate looks try combining a few different methods for a totally unique result.

Braids are also a great way to control very long hair. The braid can be twisted, fanned out and pinned to create a beautiful upswept look. Boho Chic braids are soft styles with a less formal look. An elegant braid with a french twist is ideal for thick, medium length hair. So take your stylists recommendations on Boho, Classic, Mermaid braids and add some curls. It's a great way to show off your prom style.

Here are some useful tips for successful Prom salon appointments:

1: Look for inspiration but remember that length, density and texture play a major role in the final result. Your stylist will guide you through achieving the best results.

2: Plan ahead. Book your prom appointments 2-4 weeks in advance. Look for Prom Hair and Makeup specials. Also, please try to honor your appointment times.

3: Trim your Locks. Dry, damaged hair with split ends is difficult to smooth and curl. Don't let your neglected hair ruin your result.

4: Accessorize! If your chosen look needs a bit of sparkle, purchase these items in advance and bring them to your salon appointment. Well chosen hair accessories always add a nice touch. Flowers, clips and rhinestones are a great way to show off your braids.

5: Research your local salons. Not all stylists specialize in formal styling. Check out salon websites and if in doubt call in advance to inquire about formal styling as well as any package savings deals.

Salons love to share in your special occasions, that's why it's always appreciated when you tag your stylist/salon in your social media posts, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat

shout out to your PromPerfect look.

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