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Lazy Girl Hair Tricks And Styles

Just because you don’t want to spend extra time on your hair or wake up early to get ready doesn’t mean that you want to look that way. If you are looking for fast, easy, and adorable hairstyles to start your day looking fabulous, you came to the right place. Check out some of our favorite lazy girl tricks and styles to ace your look with minimal effort.

Classic High Pony

This look is sure to make you feel and look put together and ready for the day. One of the best things about ponytails is that they are great second day-no wash hairstyles. Simply roll out of bed and brush your hair up into a gorgeous pony. Secure any fly aways with a few bobby pins or some hairspray. In case you are like many of us, consider investing in some high quality dry shampoo before sweeping your locks up into your high pony. The dry shampoo will take care of any greasy looking spots and also give you a little extra volume.

Side Pony or Braid

Another incredible simply hairstyle that is great for medium to long hair. Brush your hair over to one side, just over your shoulder and secure it with a ponytail holder. If you want the braid look, simply brush the hair over your shoulder and braid it downwards. Soft elegance is a beautiful thing. This is a great style for when you want to look a little extra feminine and put together, but still just a little bit fierce.

Simply Lovely Waves - From The Night Before

A lazy girl favorite, waking up and practically being ready. The night before you want to look fabulous, spray your hair with just a bit of water so your locks are barely damp. Then braid your hair into a loose braid or two, depending on how much hair you have. Go to sleep and when you wake up, shake out your braids to reveal soft, lovely curls. Finger comb through them to get them set how you want and go out to conquer your day.

Armed with these simple lazy girl styles, you will be prepared for anything, any day. Even those days when you are feeling a little extra lazy!

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