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Hair Tips To Look and Feel Like a Model (Pt. 2)

Are you looking for more tips to make your hair so amazing your look and feel like a model? Great news, you are in the right place. Last week we touched on just how important hair care is when it comes to really getting your best hair, and how getting to know your stylist can help you do just that. So what else can you do to have your best hair ever? Check out the tips below to amp up your game.

Learn To Blow Dry The Best Way

Many women use a blow dryer nearly every day, but most don’t realize they are actually doing some things that hurt their looks instead of help them. For one, make sure that the tools you have are high quality and can do their job in the best way. Choose a high-wattage ceramic blow dryer to help prevent frizz and can increase shine. Always remember to use a salon quality heat protectant when you are going to blow dry your hair. The heat really can do a lot of damage if you aren’t taking precautions.

Learning to do a simple blow out at home can really take your hairstyle and game to the next level. You can even ask your stylist for tips to do this at your next appointment.

Consider A New Cut Or Color

Changing up the norm can really set you apart from others. If you have always favored a long style, consider choosing a short style that can really intensify your looks. Stylists can help you choose a cut that really compliments your facial shape and structure. If you aren’t feeling up to changing everything, consider adding in some layers or some bangs to give you a new vibe.

Maybe you don’t want to do much with the style of your hair, but you would be up for dying your tresses. This can be a great way to bring out the model in yourself. When you get a major change done, it can revitalize your spirit and make you feel more confident and happy. So check out the latest trends and book your appointment today!

Overall, you want to be able to own the look you end up with. Remember to keep things in line with who you are, but don’t be afraid to try new things. You just might be surprised by how beautiful you look with a new style or color.

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