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2018 Summer Style

Are you looking to break out into summer with a bang? Styles seem to change faster than the seasons these days! The good news is that we have all the information you need to rock your summer with the finest hairstyles. Get ready for all the hottest styles and hairdos this summer here at Salon Dolcetto! Day at the beach? You are covered. Late night party? We will give you ideas. Need to look sophisticated and lovely? Check out the styles below and you will be ready for whatever the occasion.

Don’t be afraid to get sleek...and textured.

At the same time! It is not out of style to mix sleek styles and textured styles together into one this summer! Slick your hair back in a half pony, but let the sides be wavy or textured to keep things interesting. If you are aiming just for sleek, you can up your game by experimenting with some new parts. Think geometry class.

Let the inner 90’s girl in you shine.

Yep, there is word that you just might need to break out those butterfly clips and other ostentatious hair pieces you have hiding in your drawers. Let those hair talents shine, baby. Accessorize your style with those adorable clip-ins, and don’t forget the scrunchies.

Mix up your pony tails.

Something to try this summer is to turn up the heat on your pony tail. The classic look is adorable and trustworthy, but try adding something new. Twist a side section of your hair into your pony, or simply secure a twist with a bobby pin. This kind of style is about getting attention and making a statement, so have fun with it.

If you just want to use a more typical pony, drop it to a low pony instead of keeping it high. A great way to stay in-style, but also keep things easy. A keeper for sure, a low pony keeps your hair out of your face and looks fashionable doing it.

Trustworthy and simply waves.

There is something solid and comforting about simple waves. Pretty sure this style never truly goes out of style. Gentle waves can be an easy way to rock a style that needs to be fun but sophisticated, sexy but professional. Small, gentle waves can be achieved using a small barreled curling iron. Be sure to use a curl diffuser if you have naturally very curly hair!

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