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Thinking About Cutting Your Hair? Check Out Donating!

Do you have long and incredible hair and thinking about going for a short haircut? Don’t waste all that beautiful hair by just throwing it away! You can donate your hair to charities that put your hair to use by making wigs for people that need them. Depending on the charity you choose, you can help kids and adults with cancer, women facing breast cancer and many other people that would benefit from having a beautiful wig. We put together some of the basic information that many charities want potential donors to know before donating, so check out the following information if you are interested!

Different charities have alternative restrictions and instructions that are vital for donors to pay attention to. In fact, nearly 80 percent of donations to the popular Locks of Love charity are unusable because people do not follow the provided instructions for donating. Many of these unusable donations come in the form of gray hair, highly processed and damaged hair, wet hair, and even moldy hair. This is incredibly sad because it takes six to ten hair donations for these charities to make just one hair piece. We want you to be more in the know so your donation does not have to be thrown away!

Be sure to read all the instructions for donating to whatever charity you choose. Look for specifications on the length your donation needs to be, be sure to package your hair as they ask, and leave your donation secured together by a ponytail holder. It is incredibly important to ensure that your hair is not wet whatsoever when you donate it because it will mold in the mail, and charities will not use any donations that are wet upon arrival.

Locks of Love reportedly will take dyed hair donations, while many other charities will not. Wigs for Kids is another charity you can check out, but donations need to be twelve inches long. This is because the wigs are hand tied, and this process tends to shorten the hair pieces a few inches in total length. Pantene Beautiful Lengths will take the shortest donations at a minimum of eight inches. Ideal for someone that is not interested or does not have enough hair to donate longer hair.

Be sure to double check these charities and their specifications before sending in donations to ensure proper donation.

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