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Learn To Love Your Natural Hair

There are so many different types of hair. Some people have thick hair, some long, some dark, some curly. Even though many people have beautiful natural hair, most people want to change their hair to be like someone else's. We spend hours every week straightening or curling hair to make it look different from what it looks like naturally. People use dyes to change colors and chemicals to change textures. This can be fun and exciting to change up your looks, try out new styles, or start a new phase in your life, but it can really pay off to learn to love and style your own hair in ways that favor and show off your natural texture, curls, waves, or straight hair.

We are here not only to help you change your hair but we are also excited to encourage you to learn to embrace and love your natural hair. Our dedicated and trained professional stylists here at Salon Dolcetto are happy to help you learn to style your hair in a natural way if you aren’t sure how to go about it. Sometimes the key to being able to maximize your love for your natural hair is a new hair cut made to show off your natural texture. Schedule a consultation with one of our stylists to find your new look!

To get you started on your natural-hair-loving journey, we want you to practice letting your natural hair shine and practice learning to love it! The first step to letting your hair be natural is to begin to love your hair for its beauty and for its quirks. No one has the perfect hair all the time. Hair is going to behave how it wants to behave. Some curly hair will not tolerate a brush, some hair can’t handle a blow dryer. The truth is, the more you accept your hair for what it is, the more sexy and natural you will feel!

Another key element in learning how to really love your hair is to utilize the best hair products for your tresses. Choose products that are high quality and made to benefit your type of hair. If you need help to choose appropriate products, our stylists are happy to suggest some when you visit! Let us know how you have learned to love your own hair!

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