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Hairstyles and Tips For Frustrating Hair Days

Most of us are familiar with the tragedy of having our hair be completely unreliable and noncompliant at some point or another in our life. Of course, it has to be on a day that you need to go somewhere or are presenting for work, right? You put so much effort into trying to tame those locks that you end up nearly in tears and naturally you didn’t use your waterproof mascara, right? These kinds of mornings are enough to make anyone want to crawl back in bed and just forget the whole day, but we are here to help! We pulled together some of the best, quick, and simple hairstyles you can utilize when your hair is being tricky. Check out our favorites below!

Pull it up.

One of the best things you can do when you aren’t getting along with your hair is to pull it up into a simple ponytail or bun. This can be a particularly good idea if you were initially trying to do a half pony or other little hair style. Instead of trying to make it work until you are angry and basically you feel like your whole day is ruined, just change what you were going to do. Brush out the frustrating locks and slick it back into a sexy, professional style pony or bun and feel confident enough to rock it just like any other day.

Do the opposite of what you planned.

You planned on curling your hair for your work party but the curls are not holding and you are about to lose your mind. Sometimes it is better just not to fight the inevitable and go with the opposite of what you planned. Curls aren’t working out? Grab that straightener and go to town. Your bun is just not coming together? Try braiding it over your shoulder, or just leaving it down to be natural. Sometimes you just have to play by your hair’s rules.

Use a different product.

Sometimes the reason our hair is just super unwilling to cooperate with us is because we are using the wrong product. Sometimes is it the right product but a lower quality than what would do the trick for our hair. Choosing salon quality products for your everyday use will substantially help cut down on the amount of days you feel like you can’t get along with your hair. Our stylists are happy to make suggestions and help you explore products when you come in for an appointment! Just ask!

Put a hat on it.

Yep, some days there is just not much you can do. You get so frustrated that no matter what you do, you aren’t happy with your hair. At that point, just take a break and throw on a hat. Hats are super great for hiding uncooperative hair and also making you look cute and chic!

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