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Quick Summer 2018 Hairstyles

Summer is short enough without taking time out of it to style your hair with difficult hairdos. Summer is meant for enjoying the sun, having fun with friends and family, and definitely spending some time in the water. Here are some quick, easy, summer styles to keep you looking hot, but help you beat the heat of those summer days.

Beachy Waves

Naturally we have to start with the most summer-ified style there is! Beach waves are sexy and simple. The soft waves can really up your ante this summer if you are looking for styles that are simple yet stunning. This look is great for a night out, parties with friends or family, and are also casual enough for a simple day lounging on the beach. Definitely a go-to for your summer adventures. If your hair has a hard time holding on to these soft and sexy waves, invest in a high quality texturizing spray to help keep them looking beautiful all day long.

Simply Straight

If it isn’t too hot out to have your hair down, consider opting for the incredible beauty that comes from perfectly straight hair. Using a smaller straightener allows you to get closer to your roots and to help you really achieve that ethereal look of ultra straight hair. Be sure to use a salon quality heat protectant any time you are going to be using heat on your hair. This will help protect from damage and keep you from dealing with frizzy hair that is covered in split ends. Overall, straight is classically sexy. Definitely a style you want to keep in mind for those summer night bonfires or beach parties.

Pull It Back

A great option if the weather is expected to be hot, hot, hot, for the day. You can personalize this do however you would like really, just pull that hair back into one of your favorite dos that keeps your hair under control and off of your neck to help keep you cool. A simple pony, a low bun, a side braid, really, your options aren’t very limited here. You can of course dress this style up or down depending on what you are going to be doing. A tight, styled bun works beautifully for work, while a low messy bun looks great for lounging or hanging out.

You can also choose to simply pin your hair back from your face using simple or extreme pins. Subtle and chic gold or silver pins are a great way to tone the style for work or other important activities. Spice it up with lots of color for festivals, parties, and other weekend type of activities!

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