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Simple Tricks To Make Fine Hair Look Thicker

Ideal hair (not everyone's ideal of course) is usually described as long, thick, and luscious. The fact of the matter is that not everyone has been blessed with thick hair. While this may be the case, those of us with thin hair can utilized some simple tricks that can really give the illusion of having thicker hair that is just as show stopping as someone with naturally thick and incredible hair.

Your haircut is key.

This is a huge step in creating the illusion of having thick hair. Layered, long, or texturized can really impact how thin your hair looks. These types of haircuts will emphasize your hair’s thinness and make it harder for you to make your hair look volumized and thick. Instead, opt for a haircut that gives your hair a blunt edge, shorter styles, or with long squared layers. These types of angles and harder lines trick the eye into seeing weight which impacts how thick your hair appears.

Utilize key products.

Having incredible products will maximize your ability to influence how your hair looks. When you are trying to make your thin hair look fuller, check out some high quality volumizing spray. You definitely want to find a product that allows for movement and is lightweight. Volumizing sprays are simple to use, simply spray at the roots and the crown of the head before blow drying.

Another very useful product to have on hand is dry shampoo. This can be a life saver not only when you are faced with some oily, second day hair (and thin hair seems to get oily extra quickly, am I right?), but also in creating some extra volume. You don’t need much, but a few well placed spritzes can really help out your style.

Try out some salon services.

Salons have some really incredible services that can help nourish your hair, restore shine, repair damage, and more. These types of services can really impact just how incredible your hair looks and how well it responds to styles and products. Another tip is to invest in some delicate and gentle highlights. Don’t get too crazy here, you seriously want a gentle balayage type highlight going on. The subtle changes in color can impact how thick your hair looks because it can add more dimension to your hair.

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