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Covering Up a Bald or Thin Patch-Salon Tips

Whether you are male or female, few people want others to notice their patches of thinning hair. However, hair care experts can help you to find solutions for unique scalp and style.

Many people believe that the only way to solve thin or balding hair is paying a lot of money for implants. Implant technology has been improving over the last few decades and has become much cheaper and more reliable. If you can afford it, it is generally the gold standard for dealing with balding. You will be able to wear whatever hairstyle you like and can look to retain your hairline for decades to come.

However, there are still things you can do if this is beyond your budget. The classic solution for thinning hair or slight balding is to wear your hair slightly longer. Adding length can disguise a certain amount of thinning and will allow you to wear a style with product which will spread the hair more evenly over your head. Talk to your stylist about products which will help to add volume and thickness to your hair. Stay away from things which will make it appear oily or wet, as this will add to the appearance of balding.

Aside from products which help your hair to spread out, there are a number of options for products which can actually add some volume via hair substitute. For females, things like extensions are a popular option for adding volume to thinner hair. Talk to an experienced and trusted stylist about which options they have had success with. For males, there are a number of different products which can help to hide balding.

Again, talk to a skilled stylist who has experience treating individuals with hair problems similar to your own. They will be able to recommend a product which is likely to give great results to someone with your type of hair.

Finally, a stylist can help you to decide if it is time to drop some of the hair altogether. For some men, the reality is that they simply do not have enough natural hair to do anything which preserves the original look. However, going completely bald can be a great look for many people. Your stylist will be able to look at the shape of your skull and give you advice for this as well. Additionally, consider facial hair to balance your aesthetic.

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