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Keeping your Look Fresh: How Often to Visit the Salon?

Your busy life probably limits you from being able to visit the salon as often as you would like. So how often should you try to make it in to make sure that you don’t start losing your style?

The answer to that question depends, largely on things like the length of your hair, your hair texture, and also if you have any color needs. If you have longer hair, every other month can be sufficient to keep it trimmed and clean. This less frequent option is great for busy people who simply can’t make the time. Talk with your stylist about hair options which will work best for you, and how often they recommend that you return for it to be upkept. If you have shorter hair however, a more frequent visit might be necessary to keep everything looking clean.

When dealing with color, start paying attention to how long it takes for your roots to begin showing. Typically, once a month appointments will be necessary, but you may need to show up more frequently if your hair grows quickly or if you really want to avoid having your root color showing. For more specialized treatments such as contrast highlights or temporary coloring, talk with your stylist for information about the specific product in questions.

This is a great reason why developing a good relationship with a stylist you trust can help you to more easily maintain the appearance you choose for yourself. The number of variables involved in your hair treatment, from the texture and length of your hair, to the specific products used by your stylist, to your lifestyle will all contribute to the amount of time it will take for your hair work to begin to need upkeep. When you are starting a new hair routine in particular, take the time to make frequent visits so that your stylists can more quickly get to know you and understand the normal differences in your particular hair. This can give you the confidence of knowing that your stylist is doing their job: making sure that their knowledge and experience are being fully applied to the task of giving you the freedom to not worry about your hair.

So, a good starting point for visits is about once a month. Work from there with your stylist to determine if you will need to visit more frequently, or if you have the liberty of going longer between visits.

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