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First Time in a Salon? Tips for Men

Caring what you look like is a sign of maturity in everyone. Whether you want to cultivate a look for professional success, or simply are interested in presenting yourself as someone who is comfortable and attractive, taking the steps to care for your hair is a great place to start. However, taking a trip to a salon can be intimidating or uncomfortable for many men. They may have never been before and might not have any idea what to ask for.

So if you are ready to start taking steps to up your professionalism and game, start by doing your homework. You might want to talk with a professional in the salon and find someone who has experience cutting your style of hair. Working with an expert to better understand what styles might complement your features is a great way to begin your path to improving your appearance.

Also, look around for pictures or examples of the type of hair you like. You will never be able to replicate a hair cut perfectly as every head is slightly different, but things like lengths and basic styles can be much more easily communicated this way. Have a clear goal for what you want to get done when you enter. Do you want your current style to be preserved but cleaned up and slightly shorter? Or do you really want to go experiment with something radically different? Understanding and communicating what you want out of your appointment will be the best path towards being satisfied with the end result. If it is your first time, start conservative. Take some time to get to know a professional and build trust with them. As they and you both begin to be more comfortable with your own personal style, you can build into real improvements in your style and appearance.

Work on caring for you hair out of the salon as well. Ask your stylist for advice on a product or two which could help your hair really shine. Whether you want to add the appearance of volume or are concerned about balding, integrating a few easy products into your daily grooming can drastically increase your confidence. You don’t have to do some crazy complicated routine with dozens of products to see great results. Rather, start simple, and become comfortable with small improvements. You might be surprised at how much changes.

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