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Blow Drying Tips for a Salon Look

Leaving the salon often feels like leaving a photo shoot, and hair feels as glamorous as it looks. The next day, reality hits, and it is back to the frizz control game. Despite the assumed magic that happens in the salon, smooth hair at home is not a mythological concept. Here are some blow drying tips that can give you that luscious look.

1. Cold Water

While blow dryers should be kept as far away from the shower as possible, the desired hair outcomes one hopes to achieve begins in the shower. Cold showers are not necessary, but turning the water to cold a few moments before getting out closes the hair cuticles that are responsible for frizz. It will be a shock for sure, but the shine will be worth it.

2. Thermal Protection

Blow drying hair is a necessary evil for many, but there are products that can smooth and protect. Moroccan Oil has multiple products with Argan oil, which covers the hair in a protective film. It also has the added benefit of humidity protection, so hair will not “poof” at the first detection of moisture.

3. Direction

If you’ve been blow drying your hair for a while, you’ve probably come up with some interesting positions to get your locks dry. However, if you struggle with frizz, these positions are hurting your end results. Pointing the blow dryer the direction you want hair to lay is the key to success. This works as well for smoothing as it works for adding body near the roots.

4. Sections

Thin hair is a blessing when it comes to blow drying, but thick, wavy hair is a curse. Straightening hair requires constant brushing and blowing in a downward direction, and it’s impossible for thick-haired individuals to pay proper attention to each strand without sectioning. Start drying the bottom sections and work your way up to the top.

5. Round Brush

A good brush is necessary for a perfect blow dry, and round brushes seem to do the trick. The bristles spread the hair in a way that makes it dry faster, and the ability to roll it to the end provides a nice finish. If a mild curl is desired, it can easily be applied by curling the brush at the ends. Round brushes can create a decent hairdo on their own, but they also make short work of flat ironing if it is still needed.

Don’t restrict good hair days to the salon. Manage your hair with these blow drying tips, and even the most difficult hair can look its best from home.

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