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Got Curls? Consider an Ouidad cut or a Devacurl cut.

An experienced designer stylist knows that the rules of hair change when presented with a client who has curly hair. Most of the challenge comes from the fact that combing wet hair straight and doing a traditional cut does not represent what the hair will look like when it is dry and curly. This can result in uneven hair styles that are unmanageable, and it results in dissatisfied clients. Thankfully, there are options, and two of the options for beautiful curly do’s are the Ouidad cut and the Devacurl cut.

The Ouidad Cut

This cut involves a technique called “carve and slice,” which sounds morbid but is an incredible way to get a look tailored to the individuality of one’s curly hair. It is kind of like layering, but it is done in a way that won’t look like layering because of the curl. Instead, each lock is allowed to lay in a way that enhances the style, as if each curl is showcased. It lays beautifully and does not result in awkward bulkiness that can come from other curly hair styles.

This cut was invented in the 1980s by hair stylist Ouidad, who wanted to believe in a solution for curly haired men and women who wanted a better option for their beautiful curls. Since then, it has pervaded the hair industry because it is so effective. It allows curly hair to be itself, and it highlights the beauty in the natural state of the hair.

The Devacurl Cut

Lorraine Massey was equally concerned about the lack of options in the curly-haired world, and she came up with the Devacurl cut. This cut is done dry, and it has a similar theme to the Ouidad cut, which is to let curls be themselves. Each ringlet is cut individually, which allows the designer stylist to see the shape of the overall cut and the way that each curl will lie.

Curls Don’t Have to be a Hassle

Curly-haired people rarely brag about their curls, and instead they moan and groan about frizziness and hair styles that don’t fit their hair type. This does not and should not be the state of affairs for these individuals. Talk to your hair stylist about the Ouidad cut and the Devacurl cut. If they aren’t familiar with it, maybe it’s time for a change. There are only good things to come from a designer stylist who has mastered curly cuts.

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