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BOTOX…the gentler alternative for smooth, soft hair.

While Botox for facial wrinkles is a more extreme form of age-reduction treatment, Botox for hair is actually on the less extreme side of things. Like the name suggests, Botox for hair is an anti-aging treatment for aging, damaged hair. It does not actually contain Botox, but it has that effect.

As summer ends and winter approaches, sun-kissed, wind-damaged, blonde highlights are replaced with a want for health hair that will shimmer in the cold hues of winter. Botox is one way to transform your summer-damaged hair to the lovely locks of winter without the harsh chemicals of alternative treatments.

What is Hair BOTOX?

Hair BOTOX is basically a deep-conditioning treatment, but it lasts for months (depending on how often you wash your hair), and it eliminates frizz and split ends caused by blow drying, flat-ironing, and other hair care routines.

What is in Hair BOTOX?

Unlike Brazilian Blowouts that can contain harsh chemicals like formaldehyde, BOTOX for hair is safe for nearly anyone. It contains a combination of oil, vitamins, and collagen complex that inflitrates the cortex and the cuticles of hair so it can be repaired from the inside out.

How is Hair BOTOX administered?

In order to get a Hair BOTOX treatment, a thorough shampooing will be performed by your hair care professional, which will clarify and open the cuticles to get them ready for treatment. Following this, the BOTOX will be applied, be allowed to sit, then it will be carefully removed to ensure full coverage. This product is safe for all hair types, and there is no risk of over application or increased brittleness as a side-effect of the treatment.

Lastly, hair is blow dried and flat ironed to complete the treatment. Hair is restored to its pre-damaged luster, and it can be washed and dried normally unless otherwise advised by your hair care specialist.

What is the Final Outcome from Hair BOTOX?

Hair BOTOX is not an injection but rather a deep conditioning treatment known for the same effect as BOTOX, which is anti-aging. It is for tired, damaged hair that does not have the collagen it once did because the body does not produce as much as we age.

As a result of the treatment, post-BOTOX hair will shimmer and shine. It will radiate youthfulness every day, much like the effects of BOTOX on facial wrinkles.

The name is clever, but it also insinuates that this hair care measure is invasive and extreme, which it is far from. Among the many deep conditioning and smoothing treatments available, it is very safe, and its effects are magnificent.

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