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Fall Hair and the Crave for Color

Much of the excitement about hair color comes with change, and nothing mimics the desire to change hair color like the changing of the seasons. Fall is particularly refreshing when it comes to hair color. Maybe it’s the beauty and color in nature that stirs the urge to warm up those locks, or maybe it’s the drab, sun-damaged color that stimulates a trip to the salon. Either way, the fall colors in nature match the dye desires of salon customers, and warm chocolates, rich reds, and honey caramels make a welcome debut during this time period.

3 Twists on Fall Color

1. Lowlights

For all those “dye”-hard highlighters, bleach damage becomes unavoidable over time. Fall is the perfect time to take a break from bleach and add some depth to the hair by adding lowlights. This darker but subtle, stylish method acts as a perfect reciprocal to damaged blonde tips without removing the blonde highlights completely. It gives the hair a break, and a person can go back to their normal bleach routine after hair has had a chance to recover. During the recovery time, the lowlights will receive as many compliments as the highlights. You may not want to go back.

2. Gloss

Hair gloss treatments are not permanent, but they are wonderful. Adding vibrant colors for a short time period can be an exciting way to be bold without forcing commitment, and it does a world of good for damaged hair strands. Gloss treatments seal cuticles rather than opening them to make color permanent. This results in shine and a “gloss” effect. For the fall season, consider a copper gloss to bring out the red in a bold way that does not have to be permanent.

3. Ombré

There are a lot of confusing terms in the hair world…and two of them are balayage and ombré. Balayage is essentially hand-painting highlights that are very natural looking and easy to maintain because there are no harsh lines. Ombré is hand-painting highlights only on the lower half of the hair, and it has become very popular. The big advantage of this type of hair process in the fall is it can be very wild without being over-the-top because the hand-painted strokes and remaining base color tones down the brightest of colors. Caramels can be overtly golden, and reds can be bright. Bright colors work with Ombré, so fall can really be captured via this process.

Take advantage of the newness of fall and go into winter knowing you didn’t let this chance pass you by. Add some color to your fall dye job, and you will not regret it.

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