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Australian muk Products Rise Above

Muk is an Australian hair color and product line that has the salon industry changing its product lines because muk products are top of the line.


With 103 shades, muk has developed a color product line that allows designer stylists to produce fantastic colors that they can alter to fit their clients’ needs. In fact, one tube of muk color can create six different results from permanent to toning. The color potential is phenomenal with this product, but there’s more to muk than color.

Muk is also filled with natural ingredients, which is healthier for both the client and his or her hair. For example, Baobab oil maintains moisture and contains healthy fatty acids and vitamins A and D. Avocado oil contains vitamins and amino acids, but it also contains Omega 9’s, which protects sensitive scalps. Lastly, muk color contains a Cationic Tri-Plex Compound, which is made of plant amino-acids to mimic human hair keratin, which shines and conditions hair during coloring.

Hybrid pigment technology gives muk color warmth and time, meaning color will stay vibrant for a longer amount of time, and hair will be less damaged. Not to mention that muk color is less harsh in all aspects of hair coloring, so clients won’t notice as much smell and discomfort with the process.

Other hair products

Muk’s other hair product lines are amazing, and it is in naming their products that muk has shown that the company can have a sense of humor. For example, their product for curly hair is named Kinky muk, and their volumizing products are called Fat muk. Their Fat muk volumizing spray and many other products won Best in Beauty in 2017 by Beauty Heaven.

Muk is quickly becoming a leader in the hair product industry, but they also expanded into the hair tool arena. They have been featured as the main product line at a new line of Marriot hotels, and they are available at many quality salons across the United States and Canada.

The key to muk’s success has been simplicity. They’ve worked with hair care professionals to create products that are easy to use, easy to understand, and they work. A salon that uses muk products is a salon that does its research and has chosen a product that is the most effective and healthiest for their customers.

When it comes to choosing a hair product line, a person needs to consider efficacy and health above all other variables, and muk achieves both goals while remaining a stylish and environmentally-conscious organization. It is a well-rounded company, and their success is not surprising.

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