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Color Correction to Keep You Looking Fabulous

Anyone who has colored their hair repeatedly has had at least one disastrous result or at least one color that just did not hold like it should. This can have to do with hair type, dye type, previous hair dye or bleach, and simply bad luck.

Sometimes blonde attempts become brassy, and reds can turn dull. Light shades can weaken dark colors, and over-processed hair can become an indescribable shade of grey-green. These colors can only be described by saying, “It needs to be fixed.”

Your professional stylist should be able to provide multiple solutions for color correction and get your color back to a vibrant, lively hue that is both attractive and flattering.

Types of Color Correction:

1. Toning Brassiness

Toning is often done to get the brassy, orange color out of bleached hair. Warm blonde shades can easily get brassy over time or if the hair is not cared for properly following the bleach. Blue toning shampoos are one way to get rid of the brassy tones, but sometimes that’s not enough. Your salon stylist can get tone down the brassiness, or they can lighten all of the hair more and add darker blonde colors to get color that will keep.

2. Getting out the Green

Hair that has been dyed blonde can easily turn an unpleasant shade of green if the person goes swimming or exposes the hair to harsh conditions. Blonde hair that has been dyed dark can also look green if the base color is wrong. Ketchup is the at-home remedy for green hair, but when that fails, it is probably time to head in to the salon for a color correction.

3. Fixing a Hated Color

It is a simple fact that some hair colors don’t look right with certain skin tones. Arguably, some hair colors don’t look right with certain personalities. If you’ve gone extreme, and you can’t stand it, go back to the salon for a color correction.

Some people look amazing with black hair, but for others, their hair looks like a Halloween wig. This can easily be corrected with some highlights or color correction that adds warm tones to the color.

Likewise, platinum blonde is not for everyone. Just because Emilia Clarke can pull it off as Khaleesi in Game of Thrones does not mean that your results will be the same. Again, adding some color back to platinum blonde can make hair color more fitting to the person.

Don’t Deal with It

The saddest thing that happens when people need a color correction is they just live with it. This is not acceptable, and dealing with it is not a solution! Call a salon and get an appointment ASAP! Live in the glow of your brilliant color; don’t hide in the shame of a color mishap.

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